7 Tips on How to Pitch a Business Idea.

You have a business idea and now seeking funds. Now comes a question in your mind "how to pitch my idea?" to investors. We know building a captivating pitch plays a critical role in scaling a startup, which comes with a certain amount of stress. To help you out, we have aligned 7 great tips to instantly win your investors' trust.

Tip#1: Show confidence

Succeeding in delivering a memorable pitch has a lot to do with the confidence you show. The two first seconds reveal your readiness and determination to launch your business but also triggers investors' attention on whether they want to invest in you or not. Speak confidently and show you know what you are talking about. You come ready, you've done your research, and you are aware of the competition and the current market situation. That knowledge shows you have expertise in your area, which reassures your investors. Stay self-assured and inspire your future partners that same level of trust you have in your business idea.

Tip#2: Stay realistic

There is nothing that gets investors disconnected as much as listening to unrealistic objectives. Your audience is very aware of what they need to see during your startup's initial stages. Use wisely the data you have at hand and show realistic stats. Don't try to oversell your business. On the opposite, you want to create more impact by offering minimized investments at the preliminary stage and avoiding showing scary expenses on salaries and unnecessary technologies. You want to portray a wise usage of money. Remember, everything is a matter of return on investment (ROI).

Tip#3: Research your investors beforehand

Know your audience and define the people who may be interested in your project ahead of time. Research your investor's background and look up any relevant piece of information. That should help you plan and adjust your pitch deck presentation accordingly.

Tip#4: State your competitors

While pitching your business idea, don't forget to address your competition. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of ignoring their competitors, which costs them their opportunity. In the real world, competition does exist. So, explain and clarify in your pitch how your idea is unique from existing ones.

Tip#5: Keep it simple

If you go on stage thinking you have a lot to do to get your investors interested in your business, you are wrong. A compelling pitch deck presentation does not mean throwing extravagant figures or flashy actions, nor overly elaborating on how to get your investors rich in no time. Keep your slides simple. Your pitch deck must be inclusive, understandable, and straightforward.

Tip#6: Nail your elevator pitch

Have you heard about the term "elevator pitch" Right? This is the brief and concise 30 seconds to make a lasting impression on your investors. Your elevator pitch needs a straightforward approach to make your business differentiator stand out. Find a quick and compelling story and relate it to your topic. We recommend using a personal one to connect emotionally with your audience.

Tip#7: Do and redo

Delivering great business presentations comes with mastery. So, practicing is mandatory. Work and rework on your pitch until you make it perfect and capture what sets you apart. Your presentation must be interesting enough to leave your audience want to hear more.

These recommendations will help you build better presentations, whether you are a large corporation, SME, or start-up, or a keynote speaker. As a professional presentation agency, we can help you build your next big shout-out presentation. ​Get in touch here.


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